Bug New Leaf (moonfroggy) wrote in bugs_artist,
Bug New Leaf

Sybil of the Rhine

In the middle ages women didn't have much going for them. One of the only ways a women could learn to read and write, or be an artist, or have any sort of life was to become a nun. families sent girls as young as five or six to live in nunneries, sometimes so they could live religious lives, sometimes because the family couldn't afford to take care of them. adult women joined nunneries also, and in germany by the 12th century many convents has become complete comunnities of women.
When Hildegard von Bingen was 8 she was sent to an anchoress named jutta to receive a religious education. When she was old enough she became a nun. When she was 42 she began writing the books which made her famous. Hildegard's philosophy came from visions she claims came to her from god, she transcribed these visions, and turned them into books, she didn't just write about her religious experiences. she wrote several treatises on things ranging from the curative power of herbs to her causae et curae,
so where does the art come in? her textx where beatifully illuminated, or illustrateedshe also composed music
writing this has been hard because so many web pages say different things, especially about her age for differnet things, one page says her first vission was when she was 3 another says it was when she was ten, and one page says she became a nun when she was 14 and another when she was 18, and most pages don't talk much about her art, i recomend you look her up and especially look at her art
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