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so my landlord has a plan to set up an organic garden in the backyard, it is pretty exciting stuff, and i had mentioned that i was planning on possibly asking at a later date about getting pet chickens, but that i needed to research it more and i didn't really ecspect him to say yes, and he said he is very pen to the idea of chickens his only concern is noise! and i have found a number of very quiet breeds online, so if i only have hens and they are a quiet breed he will probably be ok with it, this is very exciting!!!
rob has pointed out that we already have 4 pets, and he is right, so my plan is to keep studying chickens and then maybe next spring i will get some baby chickens, i want to get some that are old enough to be able to tell the gender and i guess i will get 2, they are very social so you need at least two i know it is ok to have as few as three, i need to make sure two is ok and that it doesn't really need to be 3, and i need to build a coop and a run befor i get them, and they can eat all the snails and slugs that i hate to kill wich is cool cuz i hate killing them and while it will suck for snails and slugs the neighbores i will be sharring the garden with will probably be killing them to and this way i can be like hey just give them to the chickens! i am pretty excited, also next spring i will be planting corn squash and beans all together, we are going to be getting a meyer lemon tree this fall and maybe a fig tree, or maybe just several dwarf citrus trees, it is a small garden but also it is the biggest garden i have ever had, i mean for a city it is a decent size garden and the land lord said i can put a clothes line up so i will be doing that soon,
i have wanted pet chickens for sooo long i had one in high school that my mom gave away without really asking me, and i dunno, i maybe won't get any since they can live 15 or more years and we are renters and finding a place to live with chickens is going to be really hard
i figure i have at least 9 monthe sbefor i get them and i may wait several years befor i get any chickens, but i am really happy and excited that the landlord is open to the idea of chickens!!!
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These are all really exciting ideas - from chickens to lemons to a clothes line! =D
wow i posted it at bugs artist completely by mistake, oh well i will leave it there