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Bug's Artist!

5/23/05 10:00 am - moonfroggy - Scott Snibbe

Scott Snibbe is a sf bay area artist and he is cool. Inspired by buddism he is a programmer with a degree in animation and he does amazing stuff with his knowledge. he does installation work where the viewers become part of the art it is all interactive
i found out about him just now look at the spark web page for anyone who doesn't know spark is a tv show on my local pbs station, it is all about local artists, the web page shows all the artists and has information about them you can go to the page about Scott Snibbe and watch the epesode i just saw and see his art work

his web page is http://www.snibbe.com/

check it out he's awsome

5/16/05 05:10 pm - moonfroggy - chickens

so my landlord has a plan to set up an organic garden in the backyard, it is pretty exciting stuff, and i had mentioned that i was planning on possibly asking at a later date about getting pet chickens, but that i needed to research it more and i didn't really ecspect him to say yes, and he said he is very pen to the idea of chickens his only concern is noise! and i have found a number of very quiet breeds online, so if i only have hens and they are a quiet breed he will probably be ok with it, this is very exciting!!!
rob has pointed out that we already have 4 pets, and he is right, so my plan is to keep studying chickens and then maybe next spring i will get some baby chickens, i want to get some that are old enough to be able to tell the gender and i guess i will get 2, they are very social so you need at least two i know it is ok to have as few as three, i need to make sure two is ok and that it doesn't really need to be 3, and i need to build a coop and a run befor i get them, and they can eat all the snails and slugs that i hate to kill wich is cool cuz i hate killing them and while it will suck for snails and slugs the neighbores i will be sharring the garden with will probably be killing them to and this way i can be like hey just give them to the chickens! i am pretty excited, also next spring i will be planting corn squash and beans all together, we are going to be getting a meyer lemon tree this fall and maybe a fig tree, or maybe just several dwarf citrus trees, it is a small garden but also it is the biggest garden i have ever had, i mean for a city it is a decent size garden and the land lord said i can put a clothes line up so i will be doing that soon,
i have wanted pet chickens for sooo long i had one in high school that my mom gave away without really asking me, and i dunno, i maybe won't get any since they can live 15 or more years and we are renters and finding a place to live with chickens is going to be really hard
i figure i have at least 9 monthe sbefor i get them and i may wait several years befor i get any chickens, but i am really happy and excited that the landlord is open to the idea of chickens!!!

5/16/05 03:53 pm - moonfroggy

i think writing about a different artist every day, is to much for me, so i am going to try and write about an artist or two a month and maybe an artist a week
i may ocasionaly talk about other art related things, like oil paints or surealism
also i am probably mostly going to say a lot less about each artist than i did for the ;ast few artists, this way it won't feel so overwhelming for me

5/9/05 02:58 pm - moonfroggy - Sybil of the Rhine

In the middle ages women didn't have much going for them. One of the only ways a women could learn to read and write, or be an artist, or have any sort of life was to become a nun. families sent girls as young as five or six to live in nunneries, sometimes so they could live religious lives, sometimes because the family couldn't afford to take care of them. adult women joined nunneries also, and in germany by the 12th century many convents has become complete comunnities of women.
When Hildegard von Bingen was 8 she was sent to an anchoress named jutta to receive a religious education. When she was old enough she became a nun. When she was 42 she began writing the books which made her famous. Hildegard's philosophy came from visions she claims came to her from god, she transcribed these visions, and turned them into books, she didn't just write about her religious experiences. she wrote several treatises on things ranging from the curative power of herbs to her causae et curae,
so where does the art come in? her textx where beatifully illuminated, or illustrateedshe also composed music
writing this has been hard because so many web pages say different things, especially about her age for differnet things, one page says her first vission was when she was 3 another says it was when she was ten, and one page says she became a nun when she was 14 and another when she was 18, and most pages don't talk much about her art, i recomend you look her up and especially look at her art

5/8/05 12:46 am - moonfroggy - ryoko Aoki and Faith ringgold

I would like to write about Ryoko Aoki, she is an up and coming artist from japan, i found out about her in a book at barnes and noble, unfortunatly i didn't have enough money at the time to buy the book, and there is not a whole lot written about her online, the book is called drop dead cute "Drop Dead Cute showcases the work of 10 cutting-edge female Japanese artists" it is a pretty good book, if you get it try and get it at a local book store,( i was at barnes and noble cuz i have a friend who works there and i was meeting him.) because i can't really find out anything about Ryoko Aoki, i will have to write about someone i can find information on. if you find any books or web pages with info on Ryoko please tell me so i can learn more about her

todays entry will be about Faith Ringgold I found out abouter he because my mom gave me a book about her for my birthday. I had seen her artwork before that though because one of her painting had been turned into a childrens book, and that book is read on a kids video i have. my local library has a documentry about her called "Faith Ringgold : the last story quilt / presented by Steven Ollendorf, Lorraine E. Hale and Herbert Tenzer ; created and produced by Linda Freeman" it is a really good video and i highly recomend it especialy if you are an aspiring artist. in it she talks about how she managed to "make it" as an artist.

Faith is best know for her story quilts, wich combine painting and quilting. on the video she talks about how she started making the quilts,s he needed to find a way to ship her art work cheaply and stretched canvases are expensive to ship, she saw tibetan tankas in a museum, wich are paintings with fabric borders, after that her mother helped her make quilted borders for a painting
i am to tired to really go into a lot of detail and write a whole essey, but look her up, faith ringgold is a living artist who has actually made it, she was born in 1930 she is a black women and she beat the odds, and her artwork is pretty damn cool
good night

5/7/05 11:16 am - moonfroggy

Poll #489596 artist

what artist should i write about next?

who is your favorite artist or artists?

anything i'm forgetting?

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