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ryoko Aoki and Faith ringgold

I would like to write about Ryoko Aoki, she is an up and coming artist from japan, i found out about her in a book at barnes and noble, unfortunatly i didn't have enough money at the time to buy the book, and there is not a whole lot written about her online, the book is called drop dead cute "Drop Dead Cute showcases the work of 10 cutting-edge female Japanese artists" it is a pretty good book, if you get it try and get it at a local book store,( i was at barnes and noble cuz i have a friend who works there and i was meeting him.) because i can't really find out anything about Ryoko Aoki, i will have to write about someone i can find information on. if you find any books or web pages with info on Ryoko please tell me so i can learn more about her

todays entry will be about Faith Ringgold I found out abouter he because my mom gave me a book about her for my birthday. I had seen her artwork before that though because one of her painting had been turned into a childrens book, and that book is read on a kids video i have. my local library has a documentry about her called "Faith Ringgold : the last story quilt / presented by Steven Ollendorf, Lorraine E. Hale and Herbert Tenzer ; created and produced by Linda Freeman" it is a really good video and i highly recomend it especialy if you are an aspiring artist. in it she talks about how she managed to "make it" as an artist.

Faith is best know for her story quilts, wich combine painting and quilting. on the video she talks about how she started making the quilts,s he needed to find a way to ship her art work cheaply and stretched canvases are expensive to ship, she saw tibetan tankas in a museum, wich are paintings with fabric borders, after that her mother helped her make quilted borders for a painting
i am to tired to really go into a lot of detail and write a whole essey, but look her up, faith ringgold is a living artist who has actually made it, she was born in 1930 she is a black women and she beat the odds, and her artwork is pretty damn cool
good night
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